September 24, 2022

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Zelda DLC 1 – Korok Mask spot and the EX Odd Mask Rumours quest defined • Eurogamer.web

Where by to find just one of the lots of hidden items introduced in DLC 1.

The EX Bizarre Mask Rumours quest is one of numerous new missions included as aspect of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s 1st DLC pack.

Actively playing it as a result of will just take you to the Korok Mask place, a new product that alerts when a Korok Seed is found nearby – quite useful for completionists.

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How to start the EX Unusual Mask Rumours quest

Head to the Woodland Steady (it’s east of Hyrule Castle, and if you have frequented the Mirro Shaz Shrine, then fast travel to that to help save time) and come across the Tremendous Rumor Mill EX: Quantity 1 on the table.

It’s going to explain to you “the treasure upper body made up of this mask is concealed in a tree hollow in a forest that can make persons lose their way”. Sound acquainted?


Head to the Dropped Woods, which is just north west from in this article (if you activate the Woodland Tower, it is then directly north).

Korok Mask area

If you have by now found Korok Forest then you will will need to recreate the initially handful of techniques of discovering the Dropped Woods, following the lanterns and the course the hearth is blowing right until you achieve two lanterns side-by-aspect, with a torch leaning up in opposition to 1 of them.


If you are headed to Korok Forest, then you’ll light-weight the torch and abide by the way the fireplace blows to tutorial you via, even so listed here we are going to take a smaller diversion to discover the chest.

From these torches, turn in direction of the south, and go onwards.

In quick, merely go south of these two lanterns, holding the tree line on your left, headed toward the system of h2o.

Just before you get there is a specially massive tree, that’s hollowed out with a purple EX upper body inside of.


Climb up and open it up to get the Korok Mask and total the EX Weird Mask Rumors quest.

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How to use the Korok Mask

The Korok Mask is outfitted like a typical helmet, besides it will shake to notify you of close by Korok Seeds.

Korok Seeds are 900 (!) collectibles dotted about Hyrule, which can be traded with Hestu for inventory upgrades, enabling you to hold extra weapons, bows and shields.


These are made to be well concealed and involve a smaller task in advance of they are disclosed, from finishing a circle of stones to buying up a stray plant. In small, if anything appears to be out of the everyday, it really is almost certainly a Korok Seed, and this mask will inform you to its presence nearby.

If you have not now, visit Hestu south of Kakariko Village and full his The Priceless Maracas quest, then see him at Woodland Secure, before permanently residing at Korok Forest.