June 20, 2022

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Zelda Breath of the Wild information: How to discover the Travel Medallion in the Grasp Trials DLC

The Master Trials DLC brings the Vacation Medallion and its connected “EX Teleportation Rumors!” aspect quest into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Travel Medallion lets you create an advert hock rapid vacation spot wherever you’re standing. You can go away, then come ideal again without having needing to obtain a close by shrine or tower.

You can only have a person Journey Medallion fast journey place at a time, so you will have to be a small thorough about how you use it. Place otherwise, developing a second issue will erase the 1st a single.

The EX Teleportation Rumors! aspect quest

When you boot up Breath of the Wild immediately after putting in The Grasp Trials DLC, you will receive the EX Teleportation Rumors!” facet quest. Its text says:

Rumor has it you can find a device that permits you to quickly travel to anywhere you’ve put it.

Evidently South Akkala Stable has a copy of Tremendous Rumor Mill EX, which information some rumors about this exceptional item…

Shockingly, the first detail you require to do is travel to South Akkala Stable.

How to obtain the Journey Medallion: South Akkala Stable

Inside of South Akkala Stable, you will locate the Tremendous Rumor Mill EX book

Journey to South Akkala Secure, in northeastern Hyrule. The closest warp level is Ze Kasho shrine. Enter the stable, and seem for a reserve on a desk. Go through it, and you’ll uncover a new waypoint in the EX Teleportation Rumors! facet quest. The quest’s textual content then adjustments to:

You browse Super Rumor Mill EX: Volume 2! According to this particular challenge, there are rumors of an product that allows you instantaneously vacation to a location of your deciding upon.

The treasure upper body made up of this product is supposedly positioned in northeast Akkala, concealed beneath a labyrinth.

If you feel the rumors, consider to locate the labyrinth and locate the treasure chest!

Tu Ka’loh shrine on Lomei Labyrinth Island

The textual content refers to Lomei Labyrinth Island, an island off the coastline at the considerably northeast of Hyrule. Outside of The Master Trials, the two the Path of the Labyrinth shrine quest and Tu Ka’loh shrine (the closest warp stage) seem there.

If you haven’t completed the Path of the Labyrinth shrine quest and Tu Ka’loh shrine, check out our guides, which will enable you navigate the maze.

How to come across the Vacation Medallion: Lomei Labyrinth Island

The route forward of you is filled with Guardians. Because you’re in the place, make the journey to the Akkala Historical Tech Lab to acquire the Historical Armor, which gives injury reduction against Breath of the Wild’s mechanical foes. Of course, if you by now have it, equip and contemplate upgrading it. And when you’re there, it’s a very good concept to obtain some Ancient Arrows, which eliminate guardians with a person headshot eyeshot.

Just in front of Tu Ka’loh shrine, you’ll see an updraft streaming up from a gap in the ground. Jump down into it.

Following you land, straight in entrance if you on a very little podium, you are going to discover a treasure chest with the Diamond Circlet, which decreases harm from Guardians. It’s a fantastic thing to have below, thinking about that you are surrounded by Guardians, and as soon as you open up the upper body, 4 of them will choose intention at you.

Equip the Historic Armor, Guardian weapons or the Grasp Sword (verify out our Master Sword manual if you really do not have it however), the Hylian Defend (it deflects Guardian lasers, and you can get it quickly with our Hylian Protect guide) and any Historical Arrows you have in your inventory to combat the mechanized beasts.

You really don’t have to combat them all, but you can not prevent some of them. Use the room’s pillars and Guardians as protect to block the Guardians’ lasers. But beware: some deactivated Guardians aren’t basically deactivated, and they may spring to lifetime when you method.

We fought all of the Guardians and looted the deactivated ones, since this room is a cornucopia of Historical Gears, Historical Springs, Historic Screws and Ancient Shafts — and you can under no circumstances have too many of people.

The treasure chest (marked with an “EX”) that contains the Travel Medallion is on the side of the area opposite the updraft, sitting from the wall. Opening it will comprehensive the “EX Teleportation Rumors!” aspect quest.