September 22, 2022

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Zelda: Breath Of The Wild: How To Get Unlimited Korok Seeds

Grabbing all of the 900 Korok seeds in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a little bit of a drag, but if you want ample weapon, shield and bow slots to adequately tackle the game’s super-demanding Trial of the Sword DLC, it is really practically crucial that you look for out adequate of these specific things.

If you actually cannot be bothered then we’ve acquired some good news for you – a glitch has been found which enables you to conveniently farm Korok seeds without the need of all that browsing about.

How To Get Limitless Korok Seeds

There are a couple catches to think about right here, although – to start with, you can expect to have to have at least just one Divine Beast dungeon unlocked but undefeated, and you can also want to have bought the aforementioned DLC.

If you fulfil both of those foundation necessities, then this is how you get unlimited Korok seeds:

  1. Go to the Trial of the Sword area in the Shed Woods and enter, then teleport to any unlocked but unbeaten Divine Beast dungeon.
  2. Exit the Divine Beast – you can teleport out if you really don’t have the Beast’s map or press X to exit if you do.
  3. Check out a Shrine to confirm the glitch has worked – if it has, the shrine entry pad will be orange, even if you’ve crushed it.
  4. Come across a Korok Seed you haven’t collected yet. Spot down the Journey Medallion (which is element of the Trial of the Sword DLC – test out this information if you have not identified it but) and then choose up the Korok Seed.
  5. Journey back to the space employing the Travel Medallion and you can expect to uncover that the Korok has returned. Select it up again, and then repeat as several periods as you desire.

This is a movie displaying how it can be carried out: