September 25, 2022

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Wandrd Prvke 21 | Camera Jabber

Like the Wandrd Pvke 31 and Wandrd Prvke Lite, the Wandrd Prvke 21 is manufactured from waterproof tarpaulin and Robic 1680D ballistic nylon. It also has a roll-top design which allows the over-all capability of the bag to be assorted between 21 and 25 litres.

The upper area of the Wandrd Prvke 21 rolls down and is closed by securing a big steel hook by way of a broad loop of webbing.

When flipped on its back again with the shoulder straps uppermost, the Prvke 21 can also be opened like a clamshell making use of the challenging weatherproof zip. This reveals the inside of the most important section of the backpack wherever the optional camera dice can be mounted. It’s ideally suited to household the Wandrd Camera Dice Critical, which measures 23 x 28 x 13cm (9 x 11 x 5 inches) and is bundled in the Wandrd Prvke 2 Photography Bundle.

It’s also achievable to obtain the major segment of the backpack from within just the primary area by opening the zip-shut region higher than in which the digital camera dice suits. This zipped part is on the remaining of the impression over.

Wandrd has presented the inside of the back again area a few slender zip-near pockets and sleeves to dwelling each a laptop (up to 13-inch) and a pill.

Wandrd Prvke 21

Though you want to put the backpack down to access all of your camera gear, there is a side entrance to the major compartment on the still left as you have the bag. This aligns with an opening in the digicam dice to give a swift route to some of your package.

Obviously, the camera cube has customisable inserts that can be equipped all over whatever you carry. The Critical Digital camera Cube will easily carry a whole-body mirrorless camera this kind of as the Nikon Z7 II or Sony Alpha A7 III and a pair of lenses or a entire-body DSLR like the Nikon D850 or a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV every with a few of lenses.

Wandrd Prvke 21

On the reverse facet of the Prvke 21 to the opening, there is an expandable pocket that can be applied to carry a water bottle or a tripod.  A Peak Structure Journey Tripod fits completely but there is space for a larger sized tripod if you just set one particular or two legs in the pocket. A strap with a clip is presented to keep the tripod pulled tightly in against the aspect of the backpack.

There are four other pockets on the outdoors of the Wandrd Prvke 21. The first is a big slim pocket on the front, which is helpful for carrying paperwork, a lens fabric or the odd filter. The other a few are fewer quick to place, 1 is over the side opening and is designed to hold  your keys, getting a clip on a brief loop to preserve your keys secure.

The third pocket is at the prime of the bag around wherever the shoulder straps attach. This is fleece lined, which will make it best for carrying your mobile phone, spectacles or sun shades, but there is also room for a memory card wallet and spare batteries.

Wandrd Prvke 21 review

Wandrd has finished a good job of concealing the very last pocket as it’s in the back again portion driving the luggage pass-via loop. It closes with a zip and is perfect for stashing dollars and your passport.