December 4, 2022

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Travel Advisors can enjoy exclusive benefits at Hotel Atelier

Travel Advisors can enjoy exclusive benefits at Hotel Atelier

Travel advisors play an important role in the industry, and offers a special program for them. Global travel agents will be able to take part in this program with its fitting name, “BELONG.”.

Signing up and being an official member of the program rewards agents immediately, but registering client bookings unlocks even more rewards. The program rewards agents immediately upon joining, but registering client bookings unlocks even more benefits.

Agents and their spouses are entitled to free all-inclusive vacations

An incentive program based on cash

Inspections of the site are free of charge

Opportunity to participate in a family trip

Agents can become hotel experts through the hotel education center

In addition to factsheets, high-resolution photos, and online conferences and webinars, the educational center offers digital tools to help businesses succeed.

Travel advisors only need to create a username and password to join the BELONG program. Agents can register clients’ reservations in the platform to earn cash or receive free nights at hotels once an account is created.

Travelers looking for luxury all-inclusive hotels in Playa Mujeres and Cancun can find them at Atelier de Hoteles. This company is built on the values of productivity, passion, emotion, and commitment. The natural beauty and ideal location of these hotels provide guests with lasting memories.

By offering both adults-only and family-friendly experiences, travel advisors can engage a variety of customers, and by participating in the BELONG program, agents can position themselves as experts in the industry.


Atelier de Hoteles has created a special program for travel agents around the world called BElong. A number of exclusive benefits will be available to registered professionals in the tourism industry through this platform.

With Atelier de Hoteles’ luxury resort collection in Mexico, you will be surrounded by unbeatable natural beauty that will create lasting vacation memories.

Are you interested in participating?


Creating a username and password is all that is needed to participate in this program.

Get free nights or cash when you register your clients’ reservations on our platform!

Become a BELONG member by registering now and submitting your reservations!