February 4, 2023

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There is a parking lot at Ferihegy Airport for Liszt Ferenc

There is a parking lot at Ferihegy Airport for Liszt Ferenc

Parking lots that are official

At Budapest Airport offers Premium Parking, Terminal Parking, Business Parking, Holiday Parking, and Holiday Parking Lite. Premium Parking Business Parking and  ferihegyparkolas.eu offer the most comfortable parking spaces. The airport building is within walking distance of all parking options. Budapest Airport offers Holiday Parking Lite, a new parking facility with 1,440 parking spaces that is just a few minutes’ walk from the terminals and slightly cheaper than Holiday Parking. You can get discounts if you book online. A new multi-storey car park (MSCP) will be built directly in front of the airport in the summer of 2022.

Options for alternative parking

Are you looking for a way to plan in advance and depart with peace of mind? Pre-booking your parking space is the best option for you! By partnering with car park operators, ParkVia provides the right spaces in the right places. By comparing prices, locations, services, and products all in one place, they make it easy for you to choose where you want to park. Parking at airports around the world is affordable thanks to their focus on unofficial off-site parking instead of official on-site parking.

A high level of security has been invested in VIP Parkol√≥ Budapest’s outdoor parking spaces. At any given time, only one lane of traffic can enter the car park’s entrance, which allows for only one directional traffic. Unauthorised access is prevented by a barrier at the entrance. There is a fence around the perimeter of the car park, and it adjoins public land only on one side. A CCTV system is installed, it is well illuminated, it is guarded 24 hours a day, and it is insured against damage and theft.

In There is a car wash and valet service available in the parking lot. The car park staff will gladly assist you if you encounter any technical problems.py to assistn happy to assist you.

Customers using the hotel’s parking service are offered the following special offer: Furthermore, in case of technical difficulties, the parking garage staff are more than happy to assistHUF per person per night. Taxes, breakfast, and the use of the wellness suite are all included in the accommodation price. Parking duration does not include the night spent at the hotel! Neither before nor after the parking period is allowed to use this discount. After driving long distances to and from the parking lot and wanting to rest before or after your flight, what could be better than enjoying the quality services of the hotel before continuing your trip relaxed and energized.

Parking involves the following steps:

If you book your car park space online, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail almost immediately with all the details about your booking and the car park information. Please bring a printout of your booking confirmation, or the booking reference number from your SMS text confirmation, to show the hotel staff when you arrive at the hotel parking lot. You will be issued a parking ticket after a brief administrative exchange when you arrive.

The shuttle bus transports you to the airport terminal after you get your ticket.

On On your return, you will need to call the car park after claiming your luggage, and a shuttle bus will be sent to you.

The car park doesn’t require you to leave your keys.

The following information is important:

  • Parking should be left with enough time. There is no responsibility on the part of the parking staff for missed flights!
  • At the car park, the registration process takes about ten minutes, and the shuttle transfer takes between five and ten minutes, so customers should aim to arrive 30 minutes before they must be at the airport.
  • Keep your parking ticket safe, since you’ll need it when you return.