May 25, 2022

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Savannah Bananas baseball followers journey much to see video games in individual

Any individual can have a tricky working day at the business. Savanna Fettig is a 911 dispatcher, so tension will come in a hurry when responding to issues of lifetime and loss of life. There are some quite challenging times.

But there are good days, as well, and brilliant places for Fettig appear from an not likely supply: The Savannah Bananas, a summer season collegiate baseball group that performs about 1,000 miles away from her property in South Bend, Indiana.

“If you are owning a lousy day, and you open an electronic mail from the Bananas, you know your working day just turned all around,” Fettig, 26, stated Friday.

She receives correspondence from the crew, and follows its exploits on games streamed on the web, and its wacky, imaginative films and other continual material on social media these types of as TikTok, YouTube and Twitter as properly as the team’s web page.