March 22, 2023

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Khartoum Sudan

Khartoum Sudan

A remarkable city in Africa is the capital of Sudan – Khartoum. It is also the biggest city with cultural fiestas, excellent museums, palaces and historic attractions. Khartoum offers breathtaking sights and rare experiences to first time travellers.

Take a walk through the prettiest streets in Khartoum which is the Nile Street also known as Shari’a Al-Nil. Lined up with colonial buildings and the Blue Nile on the other side, the sights are simply stunning.

The Presidential Palace is a major attraction along the beautiful Nile Street. Though not allowed to walk in front of it, don’t miss out the changing of the guard ceremony held on every first Friday of every month.

Along the quaint atmosphere in the Nile Street, Al-Fateh Tower, Friendship Hall and the National Museum are few of the interesting buildings and sites you’ll come across and wouldn’t want to miss.

Sudan Presidential Palace Museum is an impressive place and a must visit in your travel itinerary. Housed in a century old Palace Cathedral, the place features old and modern paintings to relics and pieces of modern political history. It’s a great place to those who are curious of the amazing history of Sudan and Khartoum.

City of Khartoum is a popular attraction to those who visits to enjoy the sight of the confluence Al-Mogran where the Blue Nile meets the White Nile to form the famous Nile River.

Spend an afternoon at the bustling Souq Arabi for all your knick knacks, jewellery and everything else. It’s one of the biggest souqs in the city and dare not to peak a glance. Take a trip to the Omdurman region in Khartoum to visit one of the largest souqs in the whole of Africa. Spend hours and hours to fill your baskets with handicrafts to bring back home, gift giving and many more.

If you are new to the city, don’t fail to engage in a Sufi dance also known as whirling dervishes among tourists. Take your cameras and pay a visit to the Hamed al-Nil tomb and be there by the evening to catch a spectacular sight of these. Nuba wrestling is another interesting play to watch. It’s a wrestling between two teams among an enormous crowd of spectators.

Relax and take a break at the Nile Avenue for a great cup of tea. Music is very popular among the youth and mostly played in clubs scattered around the city.

Some of the best places to do your shopping are Souq Arabi, Afra Mall, Al-Amarat Center, Souq Omdurman and Saad Gishra. All of these places are fantastic places to buy souvenirs to bring back home and gift your loved ones.

Cluster of great dining places and snack shops are around the city. Solitaire is a place for great international cuisines coupled with some authentic dishes. For Italian flavours, drop by the Universal. Other places of restaurants to dine are Korean Restaurant, Mat’am 15 Cha’abi, Amwaj Restaurant, Royal Broast, Laziz Delicious Restaurant, Salt n Pepper and Asian Buriyani Restaurant.