February 5, 2023

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If the World Had No Alphabet

People have probably lived on the earth about 2 million years. But the story of world history began only about 5,500 years ago with the invention of alphabet. Since then, human’s history’s book turn to a new page.

The history of the alphabet started in ancient Egypt about 3,500 B.C. Most alphabet letters began as a simplified version of ancient drawings of animals, objects, or signs. But sign and picture writing was too slow for the business world so people developed an alphabet in which only symbols were used. Each symbol represented one sound, and several were combined to make the sounds of one word. The alphabet was perfected by the Romans in about 114 A.D with 26 letters which now are called the Roman alphabet or the Latin alphabet.

Nowadays, alphabet is used all over the world. There are more than ¾ of the world’s languages use alphabet, and about 60% of the world’s population speaks languages that have a written alphabet. It’s important to write and read in order for the human society to communicate and learn about history. Until the invention of writing, the only way humans had to communicate was face to face. This prevented information from being able to be shared with any sort of wide spread. Based on alphabet, people developed the writing system which could help to preserve human knowledge in a thing called “book”. Thanks to book, people could read and know more about the world and shape up the education system like today. Therefore, book is one of the greatest worth treasure in the world. Alphabet also plays an important part to traders and merchants in keeping records of their business.

Have you ever imagined what the world today would be if ancient people hadn’t invented the alphabet? I don’t dare to think about it but it must be such the worst of the worst. Without the alphabet, mankind would never have advanced to the levels we have today. If alphabet hadn’t been invented, book would never have appeared and consequently people would be uneducated and life would be boring. You wouldn’t know anything about history, the human knowledge wouldn’t have been preserved and you also wouldn’t be able to read my essay. We would be narrow minded and shallow. Our imagination would be limited. There would be no paper, no printing press, no television, no Galileo Galilei, no William Shakespeare, no Charles Darwin, no Albert Einstein,… Instead of that, tolerance would be low and the world would have been destroyed by war and cruel. In my opinion, it would be quite a miserable world where no one can read, write, or think freely. To be honest, if alphabet hadn’t existed, there would be a new way of communicating ideas.

We now are using alphabet in everyday reading and writing. I can’t imagine if the alphabet began to disappear one day. It would be an awful mess and everything would dissolve to nothingness. So do not let anything happen to the alphabet!