September 26, 2022

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Best travel tripod 2021: the 12 finest lightweight tripods for your camera

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The best travel tripods are essential companions for most kinds of photography. They offer stability in a highly portable package that won’t give you a hernia during an all-day hike or city stroll. While they can never replace the stability you get from a full-size tripod, they offer enough to make them incredibly valuable backup options. 

There’s no beating a hefty, solid tripod to give your photography a firm footing. Trouble is, they’re heavy and unwieldy, so we tend to leave them at home, where they’re no use whatsoever. At the other end of the scale, flimsy little tripods whose loftiest aspirations are only about waist-height are underachievers and tend to wobble around in the slightest breeze. Thankfully, the best travel tripods stand firm in the middle ground, giving you the best of both worlds.