August 18, 2022

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<strong></img>5 Interesting Tourist Destinations in Surabaya, Must Visit!</strong>

5 Interesting Tourist Destinations in Surabaya, Must Visit!

surabaya indonesia is indeed one of the cities full of historical values. Tourists can find various historic buildings such as museums or monuments in this city. In addition, this city also has many natural tourist destinations, educational tours, and religious tourism.

In this City of Heroes, tourists can also enjoy culinary tours to taste the signature dishes of Surabaya. Here is the full review to find recommendations for exciting tourist destinations in Surabaya. 

Recommended Interesting Tourist Destinations in Surabaya

Surabaya is a historic city where there was bloodshed between the Indonesian people and the invaders during colonialism. Here are some attractive tourist destinations in Surabaya to visit while on vacation.

1. Tugu Pahlawan (Heroes Monument)

The first historical tourist attraction you must visit while on vacation in Surabaya is Tugu Pahlawan (Heroes Monument). This monument has become the icon of Surabaya, which is already famous throughout Indonesia. The beautiful and shady green plants surrounding this monument make it suitable as a place for relaxation.

2. 10 November Museum

In addition to the Heroes Monument, the 10 November Museum is also a favourite tourist destination for tourists. This historical tourist attraction will invite tourists to learn about the struggle of the people of Surabaya against the Dutch colonialism which happened exactly just like the name of the museum, on November 10, 1945.

Its location, which is not far from the Heroes Monument, makes this tourist attraction always crowded with tourists. In this museum, tourists will view various photos and paintings depicting the situation in wartime.

This museum also keeps a collection of evidence of Bung Tomo’s struggle and the equipment used by the people of Surabaya to fight against the invaders. The location of this museum is also not far from the crowded area and the safe quarantine hotel.

3. Surabaya Zoo

Not only historical tourism, Surabaya also has educational tours for family on vacation, especially the ones with children. As the oldest zoo in Indonesia, Surabaya Zoo presents a variety of animals.

4. Arab Village

Arab Village is also an interesting tourist spot to visit while on vacation to Surabaya. In this village, tourists can see the diversity of tribes and cultures. As the name implies, people who mostly have Arab bloodline, live in this village.

This village is also a favorite tourist destination in Surabaya, always crowded with both domestic and foreign tourists. In this village, tourists can hunt for souvenirs such as clothes, worship equipment, aromatic oil, or other Arabic style souvenirs.

5. Sanggar Agung Temple

The Sanggar Agung Temple is also one of the recommended tourist attractions you must visit while on vacation in Surabaya. This religious tourism is located around the Ria Kenjeran Beach area, so the natural panorama around this temple is breathtaking and charming.

In this temple, there are many statues, such as the statue of Lord Kwan Im, who became the icon of the pagoda, Shan Nan and Tong Nu, and a dragon statue.

The recommendations for tourist attractions in Surabaya above are indeed interesting to visit. With so many choices of tourist attractions, Surabaya is indeed the best tourist destination to spend the holidays with family, relatives, or friends.

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